Sewer Drain Relining

When employing drain unblocking measures, you may find that your sewer is not only blocked, but damaged as well. The damage could be caused by age or the pipe is compromised by tree roots or some other foreign object. For all your drainage needs call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253 now.

If your sewer drain is damaged, then replacement may not be your only option. You can use professional sewer relining Auckland services that will quickly and easily restore your drainage pipe, at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing it.

What is Sewer Relining?

Professional drain unblockers have the skill, experience and equipment to successfully reline your sewer pipe. Over the years, thanks to advancing technology in terms of materials and application, it is now possible to install a new lining in the sewer pipe. The new lining is like a sleeve in the pipe that allows the waste water and materials to flow freely from the home and into the sewer system.


How Sewer Relining Auckland Services Work

First, the sewer line must be fit enough to handle the lining. All obstructions must be clear and the pipe itself must be free-flowing. If the pipe is badly compromised or crimped, then sewer relining may not work under these circumstances.

The process of sewer relining consists of inserting a flexible pipe liner, much like how drain relining is performed. The lining contains resin and is inflated by a bag of air that is inserted inside the lining itself. The lining then moulds itself to the outer shape of the pipe and then hardens. The bag is then removed and the inner lining now acts as the sewer drain pipe itself.


There are a number of benefits to using this professional process to fix broken or compromised sewer lines:

-       Quick & Simple Application

-       No Digging

-       Long Lasting

-       No Disruptions


Sewer relining services are now a hallmark of professional drain unblocking companies Auckland residents and business owners appreciate in creating new, safe sewer pipes inside older ones that have been compromised.

You can call for an inspection to see if sewer relining Auckland services are right for your needs. A trained, experienced technician will inspect the pipe to determine if sewer relining is the proper solution. If the pipe is blocked, then the proper methods will be used to clear the line so that it can be fully inspected. This consists of a small camera which is sent into the pipe that will view the damage.

The technician will evaluate the findings and make a recommendation. This could mean that the cost of fixing the sewer pipe using relining methods is but a fraction of what it would cost to replace the pipe itself. For more information, call the professional drain unblockers who have the experience, equipment and skill to reline your sewer pipe.


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