Drain Sanitisation and Deodorisation

The drains that lead away from your home have more waste water, they are also full of germs and bacteria that may come back into your residence. If your drain suffers a blockage, then the chances of your home becoming contaminated climb sharply. You will not only need the drain unblocking Auckland experts, but also proper drain sanitisation and deodorisation to keep you and your family safe from the germs, bacteria and smell of a backed-up drain. For all your plumbing and drainage needs call  Blocked Drains now on 0800 200 253 now.


Auckland residents and businesses who face blocked drains have experienced over the years has often overlooked the foul smell of germs and bacteria. All too often, the failure to address the germs, bacteria and smell results in those exposed to become sick and on occasion seriously ill if they are children, the elderly and those who are not in the best of health.

What are the Drain Unblockers Auckland Professional Services?

Armed with years of experience and extensive knowledge Blocked Drains Auckland help residential and commercial businesses get there drains unblocked every day, the focus of our company is to properly clear out the blockage and then perform proper drain sanitisation and deodorisation to ensure that the germs and bacteria are destroyed as soon as possible, while communicating with the customer what needs to be done.

Unblocking the drain generally means using the Hydrojet, a professional device that consists of a flexible water hose which is threaded into the drain until it reaches the blocked area. Once it has reached the blockage, water is forced into the hose at 3,000 to 4,000 psi which quickly breaks up any foreign particles in the drain. Any excess water is cleared away with the blockage and the focus shifts to sanitising the drain itself.

Using natural, eco-friendly products, the drain is the properly sanitised and dedorised to rid it of the germs, bacteria and smell so that it is no longer a threat to occupants of the residence or business. In addition to the drain, the area which has been exposed by the backed-up water is also treated as well to ensure that all of the germs and bacteria are destroyed. The result is a home or business that is not only free of the germs and bacteria, but one that smells fresh and pleasant once again.

  • The Advantages of Choosing a Professional Drain Unblocking Auckland Service
  • Properly Clear Away Blockages in the Drain
  • Licensed drain layers and unblockers
  • Identify Other Outstanding Issues with the Drain
  • Use Proper Drain Sanitising and Deodorising Methods
  • Leave your Drain Clean and Fresh
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Drain Unblockers Auckland Residents & Businesses Trust

The methods used by professional drain unblocking companies are environmentally sound, will extend the life of your drain and even help prevent future blockages from happening with the proper advice and maintenance.

For all your drainage and plumbing requirements make sure you call the experts in drain unblocking, Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253 now.

If you are facing a slow drain or have a blockage issue, call the professional drain unblockers Auckland residents and businesses have trusted for years of prompt service. They provide the best equipment, use eco-friendly methods and leave your drains clean and smelling fresh.