What to Do about Auckland Leaking Drains

Your home is more than a place to live, it is an investment protects and shelters your family and offers real value on the day that you want to sell your property. As with any large investment, you want to protect its value as much as possible.

One of the dangers to your home may come in the form of leaking drains or leaking pipe that allow water to pool inside your home or property and create a considerable amount of damage. The leak from a pipe or drain may seem innocuous at first, but over time they can weaken the walls, floors and the very support structures of your home in ways that will cost you a considerable amount of money or more.

This is why it is important to have a professional drain unblocking Auckland company come and look at your pipes and drains to ensure that they are functioning properly. Having professional drain unblockers looking over your plumbing system will detect the leaks before they become obvious. Call Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253 to find out more about the services that we provide.

The Dangers of Leaking Pipes & Drains

Admittedly, most leaking drains and pipes are minor issues when they first start. It is the dangers that build up over time that make them dangerous to the health and well being of your home and your family as well.

Structural Damage: While wood is a very resilient material, the constant exposure to water will weaken it over time. This means that the longer the water stays on the wood or other vulnerable material, the more likely that it will weaken and be in need of repair or replacement.

Mold: Moist areas are a breeding ground for mold and even a small leak can be the breeding grounds for the spread of this very harmful substance. Left unchecked, mold presents dangers to your home and the health of all those who live inside. Mold will eat away at the vulnerable materials in your house that will eventually cause structural damage. However, more importantly the spores from the mold will infect you and your family causing sickness or worse.

What Action Should You Take?

If you suspect that you may have leaking drains or pipes, it is important to call the best professional drain unblocking Auckland company to do an inspection, identification and repair of the problem. Having the best drain unblockers who are also skilled at finding and fixing leaking drains and pipes may save you a considerable amount of money in future repairs.

Plus, having your pipes and drains inspected from time to time can also provide you with a little peace of mind as well. Many leaks can go undetected for months, allowing the water to accumulate over time until it is too late to prevent major damage. That is why calling the professionals at Blocked Drains is your answer. Call 0800 200 253 and talk to our friendly staff that will explain our services and answer your questions. Call today and let us find the leaking drains and pipes that may be damaging your home.