Toilet Repairs in Auckland

A toilet is often not appreciated until you don’t have the use of one.

Is your toilet is blocked? Not flushing? Does not stop flushing! Or is leaking?

If you have toilet, unblocking and plumbing problems in Auckland, The team at Blocked Drains are here to help, call us now on 0800 200 253

Common toilet repairs and plumbing repairs we can help with include: 

Blocked toilets – Often a blocked or clogged toilet can be unblocked by using a plunger. However, other blockages can require the use of specialist equipment, and on the odd occasion removing the toilet from the floor. If your toilet remains clogged after using a plunger, call us now – our team have the right equipment and the experience to unblock the most stubborn toilet blockage.

Leaking toilet – A leaking toilet is not only a nuisance – but can also be the cause of high water costs.

Non-flushing toilet – Blockages in the toilet can be caused by not having enough water volume to flush the waste away. Sometimes a toilet needs to be flushed with a faster larger flow and for longer. Another problem is your toilet fails to flush at all. Whatever your toilet problem is, your Blocked Drains plumber is here to help.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with all the drain unblocking equipment so we can unblock your blocked plumbing drains fast.

For all your toilet unblocking and repairs in Auckland, call us today on 0800 200 253!