How to Remove Roots in Your Drainage System 

Trees are one of man’s natural beauty, however, if they are allocated near your property they can cause damage to your home. The roots of a tree happily grow underground and spread up to three times the height of the tree, unfortunately for homeowners, they like to navigate themselves towards drainage and pipes to feed off the water. 

Big and small trees may look beautiful surrounding a home and give the property privacy, but they can also generate problems for the property owner which can be expensive. The roots that search for water especially if it has been a dry season can spread to the sewer pipes. One problem trees growing near a home can cause is sewer damage that results in millions of dollars being spent each year by homeowners having their lawns unearthed and the sewer replaced or repaired and roots removed. 

When a person buys a property they rarely look at the trees near the home and think what damage they can cause, most people are also unaware that any damage caused by trees to their sewer pipes is the responsibility of the homeowner. 

How Roots Damage your Drainage Pipes 

Trees continue to grow and as they grow the roots continue to grow. As part of the growth of roots, they need oxygen and water. Warm water is important to roots, and this is why they are attracted to sewage pipes that is bad news for homeowners. If the sewage pipes have any miniature cracks, the roots will chip away at those cracks to force the opening to get inside the pipes to feed and allow the tree to continue to grow. Although it is natural of trees and allow them to look as beautiful as they do, this is bad news for the homeowner who is forced to have the damaged caused by the roots repaired which can be expensive and problematic. 

How ‘No More Roots’ Can Keep your Sewer Lines Clean 

As drain unblockers Auckland experts we help homeowners on a daily basis to remove the problem of blocked drains and the damage that is caused by trees and their roots. One method we use in ‘No More Roots’ which is a powerful foaming chemical that counteract root growth near the sewage system, giving home owners protection. No More Roots can save the property owner a great deal of money by reducing the potential of damage caused by the roots of trees. 

The way No More Roots is a foaming chemical that works is by killing any roots that come into contact with the sewer pipe. It allows the property owner to protect their home and save money on potentially expensive sewer repairs. No More Roots is an aquatic herbicide that does not harm your pipes.

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