Spills & Flooding Clean Up Drain Unblocking


Many people don’t understand the risks that are associated with flooding. Furthermore, dealing with spills and flooding cases requires the involvement of technical expertise. The good news is that Blocked Drains deals with drain unblocking Auckland services. We understand the risks posed as a result of spills and flooding and, therefore, handle every case as an emergency. Blocked Drains operated 24 hours 7 days a week, call us now on 0800 200 253.


If your house or business premise is flooded because of a blocked drain, don’t hesitate to call us. The team at Blocked Drains is equipped with modern equipment that has the capability to quickly and effectively repair blocked drains. We pride ourselves in attending to our customers within the same day the leakage occurred. Our services are top notch because we have employed the use of latest spill cleaning and drain unblocking Auckland technologies.


Our drain unblockers Auckland team is well trained and has vast experience in unblocking drains. Besides repairing the system, we go a step further to investigate and uncover the reason that caused the spilling or flooding. Our clients then get an opportunity to be advised by our expert drain unblockers on the way forward. This happens particularly in cases where we suspect the flooding could reoccur. Common causes of spills and flooding include blockages or damaged drains. However, regardless of what caused the problem, we always have a solution for our clients.


Blocked drains and plumbing complications are a headache for several homeowners and business establishments. Our mandate and expertise enable us to comfortably handle simple blockages to more complicated cases of spills and flooding. We are aware inconveniences related to blocking of drains can happen to anyone and therefore we make sure that our clients no longer have to suffer.


In addition to repairing blocked drains, we emphasize on the need to regularly carry out maintenance checks just to make sure drainage systems are working normally. Our drainage unblockers Auckland also have expertise in cleaning and executing other preventive tasks. We strongly believe in providing our clients with periodic maintenance reports to ensure that drainage systems are in top shape.


For over 20 years we have served Auckland residents, we have successfully dealt with simple home blocked drains to large commercial drains that have malfunctioned. Our technology-based approach has contributed to our high reputation and popularity on the local market.


For all you drain unblocking needs call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253.