How to Unblock Drains: Simple, Handy Home Tips


Having trouble unblocking your clogged-with-grease kitchen sink? Are you in need of handy and simple home tips on how to unblock drains? Fret not. There are so many simple, natural methods for unblocking all your clogged home drains. No need to use harmful toxic commercial products with lethal fumes and ingredients to unclog your kitchen sink or toilet drains. Instead, protect your environment and your family with these handy how to unblock drains home tips.


Practical Handy Home Tips on How to Unblock Drains


Kitchen drain: No need to agonise over your grease clogged kitchen sink drain. Simply pour a jug of hot water to dilute the grease or if the kitchen drain blockage is severe and out of hand, give Drain Unblocking Auckland City Services a call. Here is how to easily unblock a kitchen sink clogged with grease: Initially, empty the sink prior to tipping a jug full of hot water into the sink. If traces of grease partially remain in the drains, tip more hot water into the sink.


A clogged kitchen sink could, at times, also mean severely blocked drain pipes. Now, this is where Blocked Drain’s drain unblockers Auckland team comes in. We are highly experienced experts in handling blocked drains Auckland that are adept in unblocking drain pipes and sewer lines. But prior to giving them a buzz, try to empty your sink first. Then pour a half cup of baking soda down the drain. Similarly, pour another half cup of vinegar, and then wait for the pipes to unblock.


Toilet drain: Most people loathe unblocking their toilet drains. Why? It is a messy, filthy, and smelly affair. Toilet blockages are very common and blocked drains Auckland experts know that too well. Unless you are armed with handy home tips, chances of unblocking a toilet are slim. Here is how to unblock your toilet: Get a plunger. Pump the bottom of the toilet pipe. Get a good seal around the bottom of the pipe – to avoid any splash back from the toilet bowl.


Other Useful How to Unblock Drains Home Tips


If you are not ready to give Blocked Drains experts Auckland drain unblockers a buzz, use hair removal cream to unblock your drain pipes. It sounds crazy but, as an effective cosmetic product, it remedies the problem. Here is what you will do: Generously pour hair removal cream down your blocked drain pipes and let it stand for 45 minutes.


Then pour water into the pipes to completely flush out the waste solids. Hair removal cream effectively reacts with solid materials in the pipes. If drain blockages persist, do not hesitate to call Blocked Drains Auckland on 0800 200 253.