CCTV Drain Inspections

If the water in your sink, shower or tub is running slower down the drain, then it is likely there are particles in your drain pipe that are building up. Left unchecked, your drain will eventually get blocked which will cause the water to back up and require removal. In many cases, the blockage will be such that it will require a professional drain unblocker to get the job done.

However, you can avoid potentially expensive repairs by calling the professional drain unblocking Auckland company known for their low, competitively priced CCTV drain inspection service. When performed on a regular basis, proper drain inspection and maintenance will keep your drains clean and clear.

When it comes to getting the best drain inspection, call the professionals at Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253 and talk to our courteous, professional staff. We will schedule a drain inspection to ensure that the pipes in your home are clean.

What is a CCTV Drain Inspection?

CCTV is a small camera that is inserted into a drain to discover what elements are inside that may cause a blockage. The camera is attached to a monitor which the drain unblocker specialists views to see the inside of the drain from the insertion point through the length of the drain itself.

The purpose of the CCTV unit is to allow the specialist to see and note the condition of the drain itself, but also to see what materials are lining the walls and if there are any breaks, gaps or holes in the drain that are allowing tree roots or other materials inside.

Once the drain has been inspected and evaluated, the proper steps are taken to deal with any materials or elements that might be interfering with the passage of water in the pipe. The CCTV drain inspection allows for a complete, thorough understanding of what is happening so that the specialist can then take the appropriate course of action.

The Steps to Drain Unblocker Maintenance

The course of action taken from the inspection will depend on what is found inside the drain. In most cases, the drain will be intact and whatever debris, oil, hair or grease lines the inner walls will be washed away to prevent a potential blockage from occurring. Routine maintenance and care of your drains may prevent blockages from occurring which means lower repair bills.

If the drain is already blocked, the inspection will reveal the cause and the appropriate steps will be taken. The professional drain unblocker will have the means to take care of the blockage quickly and easily depending on the cause even if it is tree roots invading the drain itself.

For the right CCTV drain inspection, you need to call the best drain unblocking Auckland team that has the right tools, equipment and skills to clear out your drains. Call Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253 and talk to our professional staff about scheduling a CCTV drain inspection. We provide what you need to inspect and clear out your drains so that you can avoid expensive repair bills. 

Drain Laying

A blocked drain can be quite the headache until it is cleared away. When common household drain unblocking methods are ineffective, it is time to call best drain unblockers Auckland residents have used for years of excellent service. From removing blockages to drain laying services, you can count on the professionals to do the job right.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains can be caused by a number of sources from tree roots that break through the walls of the pipe to a buildup of grease, oil, hair and debris that finally fills the interior of the drain to the point where it can become easily blocked.

In most cases, a blockage will build up over time and the signs will be there, but subtle in nature. You may at first notice that it takes just a little longer for your sink to drain. This is generally caused by the slow accumulation of particles, oil and grease along the interior walls of the drain building up over time. Or, if tree roots have entered the drain they will at first line the walls of the pipe collecting nutrients before expanding out to fill up the pipe itself.

While the first signs of trouble may be subtle, the blockage when it occurs will usually be very quick as larger particles that make it down the drain get stuck in the mass which is lining the pipe. This often happens when hair gets send down the drain or when the tree roots finally become so thick that even modest-size objects get stuck.

Call Drain Unblockers Auckland Professionals

When your drain is blocked, it is time to call the professionals to have it cleared away. They will bring their equipment and experience to clear away blockages of all types so that they will run free and clear once again.

This is because Hydro Jet technology is used to blast away the blockage no matter the source. Utilizing over 3,000 psi, the hydro jet can cut roots and all types of blockage materials into little pieces that easily flow down the drain. Also, the pipe itself can be repaired from the inside with the addition of a sleeve without having to do excavation.

However, if your drain is too compromised to be repaired, they also offer drain laying services which can replace the necessary sections. This will mean excavating the areas of the drain that are beyond repair and replacing it with new pipe. While such services may be considered the last approach, they will take care of the drainage issue and the new pipe will last for many years of normal use.

You can keep your drain free and clear of blockages by having the professional drain unblockers Auckland residents trust to come by on a regular basis to clear away the buildup inside the pipe so that blockages are prevented from the inside.

This means that no matter the condition of the drain itself, there is an answer thanks to the professional drain unblocking services that have served Auckland for many years.


Drain Hydro Jetting

There may be a number of reasons why your drain is blocked, from the buildup over time of dirt, oil, grease and debris to outside sources such as the roots of trees breaking through and clogging up the flow. It is times like these when standard consumer products are simply not enough to clear away your drain. You’ll need professional services to get the job done.

When it comes to offering the best drain unblocking Auckland residents have relied upon for years, we are the company at your call. Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253 is the company that offers the best when it comes to professional drain unblocker services.

Our Environmentally Sound Methods

Given the number of chemicals found in many commercial drain unblocker products, it is understandable that some people are a bit wary of calling a professional company to deal with blocked drains. However, we use only environmentally safe and sound methods that not only protect you and your property as they are also highly effective when it comes to quickly removing the blockage.

This is especially true when it comes to the intrusion of tree roots into the drain pipe. Using standard unblocking methods, tree roots are nearly impossible to remove. However, there is an environmentally safe, yet powerful system that can blast away the roots and help restore your drain quickly and easily called the drain hydro jetting system.

What is a Hydro Jet?

We use the hydro jet much like a small water cannon to remove the blockage from the drain without the use of chemicals. The water is turned on immediately and the jets start pulling the flexible hose down the drain until it hits the blockage which blasts away the blockage. Water blasts out between 2,000 and 3,000 psi. For removing the roots entirely the Hydro Jet will need to be done in conjunction with a CCTV Drain camera.

Our hydro jet CCTV combo will remove all the roots thanks to the intense water pressure and will send the remains down the rest of the drain itself. You can take advantage of this powerful drain unblocker system when you call Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253.

Why Use a Hydro Jet?

There are a number of advantages that our hydro jet technology brings to your home or business when the drain is blocked, whether by tree roots, hair, grease or some other type of debris.

-        Fast Acting

-        Environmentally Safe

-        Works on All Types of Blocked Drains

-        Removes Excess Debris to Help Prevent Future Clogs

When it comes to the drain unblocking Auckland residents trust, you can count on Blocked Drains to clear out the problem quickly, safely and efficiently. Our hydro jet technology is just one of many different methods we use to clear away blocked drains and maintain your drain pipe to reduce further occurrences of blockages.

Call us at 0800 200 253 for the professional company that specializes in drain unblocking. Our friendly, courteous staff is ready to take your call and explain all of our services to you while answering your questions as well.  

Plumbing Services in Auckland

Have to got any plumbing issue with your house drainage system and don't have time to clean up the drain and really don't know what is the problem? Then, simply contact Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253. We have got a good number of experienced years, in which we have serviced our plumbing and drain unblocking service in Auckland. We are the trained drain Unblocker, who are expert in identifying the issue of the blocked drain and we have the capability to fix any type of drainage problems, before it becomes a huge problem for you. 


With the help of all the latest technology like CCTV Drain Camera, hydro machine, we are able to identify the issue very quickly and then we act on our plan to solve the issue of the blocked drain. If you don't have time to clean up the mess, then not to worry, you simply need to contact our friendly team, who are there for you 24 hours, 7 days a week and our expert team will be there at your home in no time, to help you solve the issue of blocked drainage, any kind of plumbing issues at your place. For all your drain unblocking needs call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253!


We conduct the services like Drain Unblocking, Toilets, sinks and showers, All outdoor drains, Drain Cleaning, CCTV inspections, Drainage repairs, Fast leakage detection. We also do service in the maintenance of the drainage system. We are the well-known names for the drainage problems & drain unblocking in Auckland. We are the team of drain unblocking experts which are operating in major areas of Auckland. We have got all the equipment, technology and all the skilled people to solve any of the issues of your home regarding inspection and diagnostic services, leak detection, repair, clearing up the blocked drains, we are the complete professional drainage management services in Auckland and are ready to serve you, if you have got any problem related to blocked drains which are caused by waste blockage, tree roots in the pipe or cracked or damage pipes. 


We are an expert team for unblocking drains, who will be able to give the best-quality services with competitive rates as well. We conduct the efficient and reliable process to unblock any type of drain at your place. If you want us to solve your drainage and plumbing issues, then simply call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253!


Drain Unblocking Auckland

The most frustrating and impatient work for most of us is, to clear a blocked pipe. It is totally unmanageable unless you know all the intricacies of clearing the congestion. It is a bigger problem if you know nothing, there will be a need of someone to shoulder this issue. We have a team of experienced drain unblockers with adept knowledge in drainage clearance techniques, drainage layering depending on the water retention, tools like: vacuum loaders, hydro jets, and many more services and approaches that clear blocked drains within no time.

Irrespective of the location, commercial, residence, or business, drainage blocking situation is encountered at every place that has an outlet to the sewage. With the wide range of services on our card right from clearing blocked drains, CCTV cameras to monitor the situation, and geared with the latest techniques and tools – that will finish this messy job into a clean and neat work.

If stormy weather hits Auckland region and there is a blockage of water in your house or office; then drainage layer option can be chosen. This approach helps in clearing water from the roof after showers or a storm event; this mechanism is also called Rainwater recycle, using which we can grow plants and promote greenery. Our trained drainage unblockers have a vast experience in removing the stubborn blockage using tools like hydro-jet, vacuum loaders, etc. Dust and scrap can accumulate in the smallest gap, and cleaning at theses spots could be a challenge for few, but not for us! We have different sets of nozzles, bendable hoses, and other drain unblocking clearance equipments that are one of the best available in drain unblocking Auckland.

Whenever there is an odd situation at your domestic or commercial because of drain blocking, you never had a proper service given, resulting in an immediate check up? Set all your worries free by availing services of the best drain unblocking, Auckland. There are high chances of facing with drain blocking problem during stormy or rainy seasons – we are more than available in such seasons to put you at ease. 

There are many people who look at this job as dirty and hands spoilers – but our dedicated team, see this more than a job – and as a challenge. Regardless of the weather, size of the drainage (large or small), our drain unblockers are there to take appropriate action to clear the situation.



Drain Unblockers in Auckland

Do you have blocked drains or a clogged sink, or blocked toilet or shower? So do not worry anymore. We are the drain blocker expert; who can fix anything regarding drain blockage and clogged sinks and showers in Auckland. We do understand the inconvenience that is caused due to blocked drains and toilets, and its advised that the drain is unblocked as soon as possible because if it isn't it may result into a bigger problem which could result to a expensive operation to unblock and clean up the overflow. For all your drain unblocking needs call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253!


In such situation, you require a drain unblockers who are ready to get in the mess and clean up all the waste collected in the drainage system and give you a clean and unblocked drain for a very long period of time. Many times we get an blocked drain, because of a collection of tree roots in the pipe or the pipe is damaged itself; in such case we need to change the entire pipe with a new one. But from now, you need not worry about this drainage problem anymore; We are the drain surgeons literally. 


 We have got all the drain cleaner equipment, to unblock any type of the drainage problem. The very first thing that we do is investigating the root issue with your unblock drain and then find  out the solution according to the problems and then start our plan of action. Our experts can unblock the drain, as quickly as possible with the help of hydro machine, which is one of the best equipment to help unblock the drains. Our vans are equipped with all types of necessary machine which we may need to unblock the drains and if your drainage system requires repair or replacement, then our expert will provide you with an estimated cost for the same to get it repaired and replaced. So don't wait for the worst situation to happen, call us now.


Drain Cleaning

Early hours of the morning, you walked into your kitchen and terrified seeing the kitchen. The sink drain is overflowing – this is the worst nightmare anyone can have! Be it your toilet, kitchen sink or the bathtub cleaning that clogged drain is the most unpleasant thing a person would ever wish to do. It not only slows down the water but also your day.  Offices may hire a plumber for cleaning their drains, but drain unblockers are the only rescuers whenever the drain gets clogged majorly. Call Blocked Drains now on 0800 200 253 for all your drain unblocking needs!


There are a number of products in the market that help in drain unblocking. Every time you may not face a situation that is resolved easily through drain clearance chemicals, right! At such situations, you would need an expert drain unblocker to bring you out of the condition. There are conditions like water overflowing, blocked drainage, problem in the sewage lines, for any service, you can rely on our specialists for rapid response and correct timing.

There are companies that offer drain cleaning` services in Auckland. But one of the best cost-effective and promising companies is Drain Unblockers Ltd, which provides best in class services to clean your drains. Drain unblocking Auckland companies besides providing cleaning services will also provide precautionary services to their household and office clients.

Drain clogging or drain cleaning services come with Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) plans making easy on your pocket. As the executives would visit your domestic, corporate or business places and check the condition of your drainage, sewage. In the case of any drain unblocking, they take care of it instantly – this process is followed for the duration you have opted for.

Drain unblockers perform drain cleaning by placing filters in pipes so that there is segregation happening between water and the clogs. This is one way followed to prevent sewage blocking. Aside from this, we apply new technology tools and methods to drain congestion – one of which is buzzers. Install buzzers at places where there are chances of slow drainage, blockages, or water trapping. These buzzers set out alarm once any of this condition comes up.

Drain blocking can lead to serious problems at times, giving away for rodents or insects, and also leaves a stinking smell that requires a lot of efforts to repair it. People will always look for easy ways and means to clean that stinking, overflowing drain without much toil – it is not cake walk, there needs a specialist to do the drain unblocking.


Call Blocked Drains now for all your drain unblocking needs on 0800 200 253!

Top 5 Things that Clog Drains

Are your drains in the kitchen and bathrooms getting clogged all the time? Tired of using drain cleaners? Tried everything in the market? What makes your drains clog all the time? Sometimes it does happen that your drains get blocked at the wrong times. It causes a lot of inconveniences. How can you avoid blocked drains? There are many items that you should be careful about to avoid blocked drains; you can find them below…


Kitchen drains find cooking oil, bathroom drains find oils from the hair. Believe it or not, oils cause the most damage and cause blocked drains. These oils tend to stick to the sides of the drains and sometimes they also cause oil blobs that cause blocked drains. Drain unblockers available in the open market sometimes do not assist in drain unblocking. You cannot avoid this issue other than calling for an expert for drain unblocking Auckland.


The most common reason for blocked drains that at times even defeat market renowned drain unblockers is human hair. No, its not women hair along that causes this issue, even men hair has the same result on drain pipes. You can collect your hair from the bathroom floor to discard it off physically. But if you don’t like that then opt for a fantastic plumbing service for drain unblocking Auckland.

Vegetable Peels and Remains

Kitchens sinks and drains get clogged with vegetable peels and remains all the time. It keeps happening. You think that the remains have been washed off but hey! That’s only on the surface of the sink. But within the pipes it keeps accumulating causing clogged drains.

Plastics and cotton

Kitchen and bathroom drains can be clogged by plastics from bathroom products and cotton swabs and cotton threads from clothes taken in the bathrooms. It is difficult to catch these cotton threads and plastics as they smooth in the water and swivel away quickly into the drain pipes.


If you have children in your house then look out for toys in the bathroom! Toys in the bathroom can cause havoc in the drains. Children don’t know when they slip into the drain and neither will you know when the children go in for a bath. Avoid keeping toys in the bathroom.

Thus, drain unblocking Auckland can be avoided by taking care of your drains and avoiding these drain blocking items. Choose your drain unblockers carefully and wisely.