Need a drain doctor?

Finding the right drain unblocking company can seem a little difficult at first, especially if you are facing a blocked drain. However, all you need to do is find the company that provides the best unblocking services that use the right equipment and clear up the blockage much like a surgeon improves the health of a patient.

When you need a drain surgeon to remove the blockage, call the professionals of Blocked Drains as 0800 200 253. We are the company that you can trust to arrive on time and get rid of the blockage that is clogging up your drain. For over two decades we have been the drain unblockers that more people have trusted to remove the clogs from their sewer lines. Our specialized equipment and trained personnel provide the best drain unblocking services in the greater Auckland area

Why Call Blocked Drains?

Our professional services are geared towards ensuring that we arrive when you need us to unblock your drain quickly.

Prompt Arrival: We understand that seconds count when you are facing a blocked drain. This is because a drain is usually filled with germs and bacteria that present a health danger to those inside your home or business. The faster we arrive, the quicker we can remove this problem from your drain lines.

Professional Service: Our trained technicians go to work quickly to unblock the drain in a quick, environmentally safe manner. This way, we can get rid of the blockage quickly without leaving behind any chemicals that might harm those inside your office or residence.

Hydro Jet Technology: The hydro jet is a relatively simple device that works in seconds to unblock a drain. The hydro jet is pushed into your drain until is runs up against the blockage and when it is turned on, over 3,000psi of pressure strikes the blockage and removes it almost instantly through the drain pipe. Only water is used in the hydro jet and its power is such that no blockage from hair, grease or tree roots can stand up to it.

By arriving quickly and using the best methods to unblock the drain, your life can go back to normal quickly. Plus, we only charge a low fee for our services which is highly competitive. We believe in creating the best customer services by doing our job for the lowest price.

At Blocked Drains, we offer the best in drain unblocking services that will remove the clog and get the water flowing through your drains in a prompt, professional manner. We are the drain unblockers that use the right equipment and trained technicians to remove the most stubborn blockages from your drains. Please call us at 0800 200 253 and let our courteous, professional staff talk to you about the services we offer and we will answer all of your questions as well.

Blocked Drains is the company that more business owners and residents of the greater Auckland area trust. We are the drain surgeon that does the job quickly and for a low, competitive price.


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