Leaky Showers

When you have a leaking shower issue, there may be complications greater than just having excess water running down your pipes. In fact, if you do not address a leak in your pipes promptly, you may find yourself staring at a very large repair bill that might have been avoided had you addressed it sooner.

There are few things as annoying as finding a leaking shower which may portend to future issues with your plumbing system. You will need to call Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253 as we offer prompt, professional service to fix your leaky pipes and perform proper drain unblocking. 

The Issues with Finding a Leaking Shower Problem

Finding a leak in the shower may at first seem rather innocuous. After all, your shower is designed to carry away excess water thanks to the drain, so all you may seemingly be out of is a little extra money on your utility bill. However, there may be other complications that develop if you do not seal that leak quickly.

Structural Damage: While a leaking shower issue that puts all the excess water in your tub or shower floor drain will arguably not cause any more damage than the normal amount of water that is used. Water from a leak that runs down the pipe, behind the wall or otherwise winds up outside the drainage area may cause structure issues over time. The floors and interiors of walls are not designed to be protected from water accumulation which means that the longer it persists, the greater the damage will be.

Mildew: When water manages to settle on a surface that remains untouched, mildew may find a place to grow. You may mostly know mildew growing on the surface areas of your shower which can be easily wiped away since tile and porcelain can be cleaned rather easily. However, if the mildew manages to find a way under your shower inside the flooring or behind the walls it can really start to grow and cause problems. Left unchecked, the mildew can cause damage to the structure of your home and health problems for you, your family and pets.

Growing Leak: For the most part, leaks will start expanding from their rather small beginnings to become large problem, especially when it comes to your utilities bill. The longer you wait to address a leak, the more money it is going to cost you to fix. This is why even with small leaks that you cannot readily fix. Calling the professionals will actually save you money.

If you have a leaking shower issue, then you should call the professionals at Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253. We have the experience, tools and equipment to properly address any leaks as well as perform drain unblocking. We are the professional drain unblockers who are properly licensed and equipped to handle all your drainage needs call us now. 

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