CCTV drain cameras give Blocked Drain’s drain unblocking specialists the ability to see exactly what is causing problems in your drainage system. This can lead to a quick and painless resolution many times without having to dig unsightly holes in your property to unblock your drain.

The CCTV drain camera have revolutionized the drainage industry, if your storm water or sewer waste water drain has a blockage we can send our state of the art CCTV drain camera down your drain from above ground, identify the problem then make the necessary recommendations for any required works to remedy any issues.  

A CCTV drain camera inspection may be needed when tree roots have grown through your drain pipe and are now causing blockages in your drainage system. Blockages in your drainage system may also be caused by foreign objects that have been introduced into your drainage network. These include toilet ducts, kitchen utensils, children’s toys, fat build ups, to only name a few.

Broken storm water or sewer waste water pipes may also be the cause of your drainage frustrations. The problem with these and many other faults is that to fix the problem efficiently the drain specialist needs to know exactly where the broken pipe is. CCTV drain camera inspection effectively gives our expert drainage specialist an extra set of eyes underground.

If you have drainage issues call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253 for all your drain unblocking and CCTV drain camera needs Auckland Wide 24/7! We have the technology, experience and know how to repair and unblock your clogged drains.

For all your CCTV drain camera requirements in Auckland, call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253!