Unblock Drain

There are few things in the home or at your business as annoying as needing drain unblocking services. The need to unblock your drain is more than just inconvenience, leaving it alone may create health issues not only effect the people inside the residence or businesses but potentially the wider environment.

Consumer-brand chemical drain unblockers are not only unsafe, they also may contain unsafe chemicals that can harm you and your drain pipes. Plus, they only work on certain types of blockages which mean you have wasted time and money on products that may not work. Instead, you need to call a professional company such as Blocked Drains to handle this situation.

What is Blocked Drains?

If you are in need of the best drain unblockers Auckland residents and business owners trust, then call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253 for prompt, professional service. We have the tools, equipment and the trained drain unblockers, Blocked Drains offers the best service for your needs all at the right price.

The Services of Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains offers the right services to address the needs of your drainage system. By calling today, you will get prompt, professional service which will address the situation at a low, competitive cost.

Drain Unblocking Services: Professional drain unblockers use environmentally safe equipment to identify and clear out the blockage quickly and easily. Thanks to hydro jet technology that only uses water the device can be threaded into the drain and pressed against the blockage. Once turned on, the jet of water hits the blockage with at least 3,000 psi of pure water jet power. The blockage is quickly removed and your drain will run clear again.

Repair: If your drain pipe has been compromised due to intrusion of tree roots or is simply crumbling due to age or rust can be repaired in many cases without having to dig up the property. A new sleeve is inserted into the drain which acts as a new lining for the pipe and allows the water to flow through.

Maintenance: Most blockages are caused by internal sources such as the gradual buildup of grease, oil, debris and hair into the drain. Over time they buildup along the interior walls causing the passage of water to slow until one day when an object too large to get through blocks up the pipe.

By having regular maintenance performed on your drainage system, the walls of the pipes can be cleared away which means far fewer instances where drain unblocking is needed. Plus, regular maintenance may spot issues in their early stages which means that addressing the problem may be far less costly than if it was allowed to go unchecked which might cause even more damage.

When you need professional drain unblockers Auckland residents can trust, call the experienced team at Blocked Drains at our number 0800 200 253. Blocked Drains has the technicians and equipment to clear away blockages and maintain pipes using environmentally safe methods. When you need to unblock drain, call Blocked Drains immediately for prompt, professional service. 

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