Blocked Drains

There are few things as annoying as blocked drains, whether it be a blocked sewer drain or a blocked storm water drain. Auckland residents understand is a real problem. A blocked drain needs to be cleared quickly not just because it is an annoyance, but because the germs and bacteria that are present in the drain represent a threat to the health of you and your family. The foul odor of sewage and inability to use the drain to clear away the waste water means you need to call professional drain unblockers. For all your plumbing and drain unblocking needs, call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253!

Our professional drain unblockers provide prompt, professional service that will not only clear the drain quickly, but also discover and eliminate the cause. This means that the problem is identified so that you can make the best informed decision on how to proceed.


What Causes Blocked Drains Auckland Residential & Commercial Buildings?

There are several reasons why you may be in need drain unblocking and maintenance services. What follows are just a few reasons that create a blocked drain;

Pipe Buildup: Over time, your drainage pipe will build up with waste material that carries germs and bacteria. In and of itself, the buildup does not actually cause the blockage. However, it will facilitate it and make it harder to remove. The most obvious early warning sign is water not draining as quickly as it has in the past. Acting now, before the drain becomes blocked may save you from facing a blocked drain.

Hair: The constancy and length of hair will often clog up a drain, especially when combined with other materials. You can take additional steps to ensure the least amount of hair goes down the drain, but you will still need to flush it out from time to time.

Tree Roots: This is the most problematic reason as the roots will penetrate the pips and expand rapidly inside to absorb the nutrients. Unlike hair, grease or other typical particles found inside drain pipes, standard chemical cleaners will not work.


Why Call a Professional Auckland Drain Unblocking Company?

You need to call in the professionals ideally before your drains become blocked so that the problem can be identified and properly cleaned.

-       Identifies Blockages

-       Unblocks and Repairs Drains

-       Unblocks Toilets, Showers & Sinks

-       Hydro Jetting & Root Cutting

-       Install New Drains

-      Unblock Sewer Drains Promptly and Efficiently

Professional drain unblockers will not only use methods that clean out the drain quickly, but are also environmentally safe. This means that no damage is done to the home or yard while the drain itself is being unblocked.

If tree roots have penetrated the drain pipe, the hydro jetting process will quickly slice through the roots while leaving the rest of the pipe intact. That way, the water can flow freely through the pipe and the damage caused by the tree roots can be fixed.

Auckland residents and business owners drainage nightmares can be quickly taken care of by Aucklands favourite drain unblocking company. For all your plumbing and drain unblocking needs call Blocked Drains on 0800 200 253!