Drain Hydro Jetting

There may be a number of reasons why your drain is blocked, from the buildup over time of dirt, oil, grease and debris to outside sources such as the roots of trees breaking through and clogging up the flow. It is times like these when standard consumer products are simply not enough to clear away your drain. You’ll need professional services to get the job done.

When it comes to offering the best drain unblocking Auckland residents have relied upon for years, we are the company at your call. Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253 is the company that offers the best when it comes to professional drain unblocker services.

Our Environmentally Sound Methods

Given the number of chemicals found in many commercial drain unblocker products, it is understandable that some people are a bit wary of calling a professional company to deal with blocked drains. However, we use only environmentally safe and sound methods that not only protect you and your property as they are also highly effective when it comes to quickly removing the blockage.

This is especially true when it comes to the intrusion of tree roots into the drain pipe. Using standard unblocking methods, tree roots are nearly impossible to remove. However, there is an environmentally safe, yet powerful system that can blast away the roots and help restore your drain quickly and easily called the drain hydro jetting system.

What is a Hydro Jet?

We use the hydro jet much like a small water cannon to remove the blockage from the drain without the use of chemicals. The water is turned on immediately and the jets start pulling the flexible hose down the drain until it hits the blockage which blasts away the blockage. Water blasts out between 2,000 and 3,000 psi. For removing the roots entirely the Hydro Jet will need to be done in conjunction with a CCTV Drain camera.

Our hydro jet CCTV combo will remove all the roots thanks to the intense water pressure and will send the remains down the rest of the drain itself. You can take advantage of this powerful drain unblocker system when you call Blocked Drains at 0800 200 253.

Why Use a Hydro Jet?

There are a number of advantages that our hydro jet technology brings to your home or business when the drain is blocked, whether by tree roots, hair, grease or some other type of debris.

-        Fast Acting

-        Environmentally Safe

-        Works on All Types of Blocked Drains

-        Removes Excess Debris to Help Prevent Future Clogs

When it comes to the drain unblocking Auckland residents trust, you can count on Blocked Drains to clear out the problem quickly, safely and efficiently. Our hydro jet technology is just one of many different methods we use to clear away blocked drains and maintain your drain pipe to reduce further occurrences of blockages.

Call us at 0800 200 253 for the professional company that specializes in drain unblocking. Our friendly, courteous staff is ready to take your call and explain all of our services to you while answering your questions as well.