Top 5 Things that Clog Drains

Are your drains in the kitchen and bathrooms getting clogged all the time? Tired of using drain cleaners? Tried everything in the market? What makes your drains clog all the time? Sometimes it does happen that your drains get blocked at the wrong times. It causes a lot of inconveniences. How can you avoid blocked drains? There are many items that you should be careful about to avoid blocked drains; you can find them below…


Kitchen drains find cooking oil, bathroom drains find oils from the hair. Believe it or not, oils cause the most damage and cause blocked drains. These oils tend to stick to the sides of the drains and sometimes they also cause oil blobs that cause blocked drains. Drain unblockers available in the open market sometimes do not assist in drain unblocking. You cannot avoid this issue other than calling for an expert for drain unblocking Auckland.


The most common reason for blocked drains that at times even defeat market renowned drain unblockers is human hair. No, its not women hair along that causes this issue, even men hair has the same result on drain pipes. You can collect your hair from the bathroom floor to discard it off physically. But if you don’t like that then opt for a fantastic plumbing service for drain unblocking Auckland.

Vegetable Peels and Remains

Kitchens sinks and drains get clogged with vegetable peels and remains all the time. It keeps happening. You think that the remains have been washed off but hey! That’s only on the surface of the sink. But within the pipes it keeps accumulating causing clogged drains.

Plastics and cotton

Kitchen and bathroom drains can be clogged by plastics from bathroom products and cotton swabs and cotton threads from clothes taken in the bathrooms. It is difficult to catch these cotton threads and plastics as they smooth in the water and swivel away quickly into the drain pipes.


If you have children in your house then look out for toys in the bathroom! Toys in the bathroom can cause havoc in the drains. Children don’t know when they slip into the drain and neither will you know when the children go in for a bath. Avoid keeping toys in the bathroom.

Thus, drain unblocking Auckland can be avoided by taking care of your drains and avoiding these drain blocking items. Choose your drain unblockers carefully and wisely.