Drain Unblockers Auckland


Drain unblockers are experts in blocked drains and drain blocks hiring a plumber in many cases is not be the best solution – you may need someone who’s actually specializing in unblocking drains. If you are unsure if you need a plumber or a drain unblocker call us now on 0800 200 253 and we can help. 


Drain Block Auckland

Our drain unblockers have equipment that can properly deal with a drain block fast, we can find and dispose of blockages immediately. Blocked Drains understand the urgency of getting a drain unblocked and they do their best to solve the problem as fast and as efficiently as they can. Blocked Drains operates Auckland wide, 24 hours 7 days a week so call us now on 0800 200 253!


Clogged drains are the worst thing that can happen, especially when important things like a kitchen sink or a toilet is affected. You can’t use these utilities until the drain has been unblocked, so it stands to reason that you need a fast, efficient service that can take care of the problem in a timely manner, reducing the time of the inconvenience. Call us now on 0800 200 253!


Drain Unblockers – How they Can Help

To do this, they use things like CCTV drain cameras which can get in even the tightest spots. Once they find the reason the drain is blocked, they can take the appropriate measures to solve the problem. Some blockage might not be as easy to deal with, like hardened construction materials, textiles, etc. These cannot be simply removed with an unblocking agent, like a powder. A more hands-on approach is needed.


More to Do than Unblocking Drains

But their work is not done when the drain is unblocked. Often, blocked drains pose as the symptom of a larger root problem. For example, fissures can appear along the drain due to pressure from the blockage. So you need to make sure that everything is in order before you can actually start using that specific utility once again. If you don’t get a drain unblocking specialist to assess the situation, even if you do manage to unblock the drain, you might end up with a leaking pipe and will need to resort to the services of a specialized plumber to fix the problem – which can be tricky if the broken pipe resides in a wall.


So if you ever find yourself having to deal with a blocked drain, make sure you get a drain unblocker and rest assured that your problem will be efficiently and cost-effectively solved in a timely manner. Call Blocked Drains today on 0800 200 253